Friday, June 5, 2009

Plasma Backpack

Okay, my last entry showed a Plasma Gun conversion I did for my squad entry in The Realms of Equinox: Attention! contest. I had forgotten to take pictures of my Plasma Gun backpacks, so I thought I'd catch up here for those interested.

I used a Vox Caster for this, just a slight modification from Hal'jin's (42nd Cadian) Plasma Gun conversion. Where he used the whole Vox, I only used the top part, with some green stuff and a bit from a Tau Pulse Rifle. I removed the antennas and loud speaker, as well as the bottom part of the caster. I may be able to use that part for a demolition pack or some other future conversion, so its back into the bit box for that. I used Hal'jin's method of repositioning the donut antenna's gauge to the other side. Just for an additional bit of change, I made an extra bottom part out of green stuff, and used the round part off the end of a Tau Pulse Rifle in the center of it. Next I'll run a wire from the gauge part to the bottom nob of the Plasma Gun, and it's finished.

Speaking of catching up, below is a picture of a standard IG squad (minus a Sergeant) that has been waiting since early May to be finished. Worried about finishing my contest entry on time, I had put them aside. A WIP pictures of these guys, and a bunch of their comrades, can be seen in an earlier blog entry. I have always completely assembled my figures prior to painting, but for these I painted the canteens/ammo pouches/scabbards/etc off separately. Painting them, and around them, had always been frustrating. This will be how I paint accessories in the future, as it was so much easier. I had forgotten how close I was to finishing them up; a bit more highlighting, a touch up of wash, and now they're ready for the clear coat.

I plan to show one more conversion I did for my vets, probably early next week. Waiting for me on the painting table are two plus more squads, three Leman Russ varients with an extra turret or two. In between, based on popular demand, I'll put together something to show my Rough Rider bike conversions, probably around the first week in July.

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