Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bitzbox Plasma Gun Conversion

This is the second tutorial based on the vet squad for my entry at The Realms of Equinox: Attention! contest. Please visit and vote for your favorite squad. Watch his site for future challenges, he’s had some great ideas for contests.

The last tutorial was for Bullpup Las Guns/Carbines. This one’s for Plasma Guns. I have not seen this method before, so hope to give you another option for creating Plasma Guns from your bitz box bric-a-brac.

For my vets, I used a lot of Tau Fire Warrior parts, but there’s none of that here. For this conversion, you’ll need some boltguns, either standard Space Marine or from the Space Marine Scout set, and Plasma Pistols. Here are three of many Boltgun options available:
Plasma Pistols usually come with two options. A right hand, and a left hand (note this picture is not in the same scale as the Boltguns):
You’ll need to cut them on the lines as shown below. Make sure you hold on to the flash suppressor and whatever that small bit is above it. You’ll need it later. For those of you comfortable with a blade, you don't have to cut the upper left corner bit on the Boltgun off. I left mine on because I liked that look better, but it can be glued back on too.

Take the pieces and put them together to get something like the following. The front of the Plasma Pistol fits very nicely to the front of the Boltgun. You’ll probably have to finagle the plasma energy bar into place. The flash suppressor fits where you cut the magazine off, with the little bit on the bottom (optional). I made a backpack for these using a Vox Caster. I regret I didn't plan a tutorial for the backpack, as I'd taken the basic idea from Hal'Jin's (42nd Cadian) Plasma Gun conversion, except I only used the top part of the Vox with some green stuff and a bit from a Tau Pulse Rifle.Once you've got the pieces cleaned and ready, you can install and paint, like I’ve done below. Again, I can't show the whole figure until the contest is over, so here’s some close-ups for WIP purposes. If you want to see the whole set, go visit TRoE's blog. Please vote for your favorite squad while you are there.


  1. great conversion. iv got something a little different worked out for mine, il post on them soon

  2. Heh, nice. Kinda like mine but with a bolter instead of lasgun. Looks really good to be honest!