Sunday, August 22, 2010

Games Day 2010 Pics

Well, I hadn't planned to go to Games Day 2010, but I happened to win a ticket. Many thanks to Shelexie over at Wanna B Painter. At first I was going to give it to my son go so he could go with his friends, but I decided to go along. It was my first Games Day, and I'm glad I went along. It was a great experience. Next year's Games Day is in Chicago. I imagine that Games Day 2012 will be in Los Angeles. So it will be a while before I get another chance.

Below are some pictures I took. First some generic photos.

Waiting for the doors to open:
A very large Space Marine:

A Witch Hunter:
A Space Marine, the winner of the costume contest:
A Space Ork, not sure if this was an official costume or not:Regrettably, my camera was not doing too well in the hall, so many of the pictures I took didn't turn out very well. This was especially true at the Forge World display. I did however have decent luck at the Golden Daemons display. I couldn't get them all, as the glass cases were unkind to my flash. I'm pretty sure I have these right

First up is the LotR Golden Daemon:

This the the Young Blood winner:

40k 1st place vehicle:
40k second place vehicle:
40k third place vehicle:
40k first place squad:

40k second place squad:
40k third place squad:

40k Large Monster and Slayer Sword winning entry:


  1. Have any bigger pictures of the costumes?

  2. Hey seems like good fun. Wish we had something like that over here. And nice pictures of the models too!

  3. @NemFX: Thanks for pointing that out. You should be able to get the full size picture now.

  4. I am glad you were able to go! The pics look great. Thanks for posting them as it allows me to live a little vicariously. I'm glad someone got to use the ticket =)

  5. Nice pics, thanks for uploading them. Still, I think that 40k first second and third place squads look better than the first one.

  6. @Viruk: When I was taking pictures of those squads, I heard others at the case with the same opinion. Not sure what tipped the judges in favor of that one.

  7. Glad you liked it. I might have to attend next year since it's in my neck of the woods. It sure is a unique experience.

  8. That's was nice picture... actually I have a toy collection to so good luck !!!

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