Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Terrain: Dragons Teeth Tank Traps

Back in June, FoxPhoenix provided a great tutorial about making Tank Traps using an ice tray. Now, I'd heard of the idea before, but could never find a good sized tray to use. Before I had a chance to go find one one, one found me. I had bought a mini fridge for the basement and a mini ice tray came with it.

Being the cheap bugger that I am, I searched my home improvement leftovers cabinets for a good plaster alternative. I found I had some a bit of concrete patch mix and tried that. It was a bit brittle, and I didn't want to chance that with something that was going to get tossed around a bit. So, instead of using water to mix it, I used leftover white latex paint. Worked like a charm. They're actually very sturdy to blunt force, but they can easily be holed with a sharp point and 'fractured' out from that.

I still had a bit of backer board from an old kitchen cabinet, so I cut a odd piece and glued some of my new Dragons Teeth down and added debris in the form of sprue pieces, bitz, and some pieces from the GW Basing Kit. Quick paint work in my standard basing style and it's done!


  1. Great stuff!

    I've been eying-up ice cube trays of late too - this is more inspiration. Thanks!

  2. Nice work. I for my person woud have sanded down the corners a little to make harder edges. Did you take model movement in account?

  3. I actually just stuck them down how best they'd fit on the board. Dragon's Teeth slow vehicles, and I figure these will do that.
    That's a good idea to sand the corners. I'll do that with the next set. Thanks.

  4. Good looking stuff...
    I haven´t done any 40K scenery yet, just for Fantasy Battle... Have to try that!