Monday, November 16, 2009

Imperial Guard Heavy Bolter

Here's another Imperial Guard Heavy Weapon Team that's been waiting out my Paint Pot Procrastinating. An experiment in miniature diorama making that's been done for quite some time. One advantage to basing like this is the built in protection it provides. It's going to take a bit of effort to break the pieces off the base. It could become a problem though if I'm trying to put the piece inside a building or other tight spot. Hasn't been an issue yet.

Unfortunately, there is another form of "protection" that could raise concern on the playing field. I had built it for a fun look. It had slipped my mind when I started it that an opponent could protest about my piece having its own built in cover. This is something Dverning recently, and conveniently, brought up in his blog about Playing Fair with Conversions. Luckily, over half of the base is open on one side. If there is any concern, we can expose the side without cover toward the opposing force.


  1. It's a shame the great conversions like this bring up so many issues when playing the game as they really do bring something special to the table. I'm in a similar situation with my marbo and advisors, as they're on large bases, I can't take them to a tournament.

    Anyway, excellent heavy bolter team mate.

  2. First off, the piece is awesome.

    Second, is there anyway you can magnetize the "cover"? That would make usable when possible and removable when it isn't.


  3. Thanks for the idea, Col. Hessler. Too late for this one, but if I build anything else like this, I will use magnets.

  4. That looks awesome! My IG heavy weapons guys are mostly surrounded by a 'trench' made by sculptey sandbags. In game they don't count for anything, but it makes them look like they are part of a larger scale conflict :)