Saturday, September 19, 2009

Vanquisher Barrel Conversion

A couple weeks ago, Col. Hessler asked if anyone knew a good way to extend the LR barrel. He's planning to build a Vanquisher. I had actually been playing with this idea for a bit, and finally got to the point I could share. While this particular project didn't involve a standard LR tube, I did have a FW Conqueror turret that needed a barrel extension. So that is what I'm using here. The LR tube is about the same diameter, so this should work with that as well. My limitation was it needed to be removable, so this barrel isn't permanently attached.

What I did was to find a hard plastic Bic style pen tube and took the ink and ball-point parts out. Next I held it to the end of the Conqueror tube and measured the length. I actually have a similar FW Vanquisher turret, so I used that length for reference. I then angled the end of the new barrel as seen in the top picture. After experimenting with various plastic parts, what I ended up using was a 1/4 inch copper coupling (50 cents at the local home improvement center). While the inner diameter is a tad large, the outer diamer is perfect. I found a soft plastic bushing to help fill in the gap, but Green Stuff would work fine here as well. I also had to fill in a bit to transition from coupler to barrel.

To build up the front of the barrel, I used some leftover metal tape I had from a home improvement project. This is very thin, very smooth stuff, which works good for this conversion. Thin strips of plastic card might work as well, but I was concerned with how well the glue would hold so went with the tape. I cut two lengths of different widths, using the wider width on the bottom. A bit of glue over where the tape ended to fill the gap, and there you have it.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out and the tip. I shall implement it with all due haste.


  2. I found the easiest way was to get hold of a baneblade cannon and cut some of the rear end of it off (up to the ring going round the barrel). Next separate the battle cannon from the section which fits inside the russ turret (the bit that enables the barrel to move up and down)I made sure there was enough of the actual barrel still left so that the "n" shaped gun shield could fit on. I then attached the end of the baneblade cannon to the battle cannon barrel "stump" and the gun shield, and then filled in the join with a little green stuff. It looks absolutely fantastic and is relatively quick and easy.

  3. Good stuff, loving the look, I might use that some time.