Monday, April 20, 2009

Leman Russ Annihilator

My last post included a Leman Russ Annihilator that I’ve had scratch built for a while, still waiting for its turn at painting. Like Admiral Drax, I had hoped for the Annihilator to be included in the new IG Codex. I like the idea of IG twin-linked lascannon goodness. Shame it was not meant to be. It'll get painted up (soon), as I’m sure it will come in handy for friendly Apocalypse battles. I’ve already used it for one battle, but it presented a tempting target and got taken out early.

I’ve included a couple WIP pics that better show some of the parts involved. It would be hard to recreate this one now, as some parts were purchased before GW stopped selling bits. The big piece in the front is from a Baal Predator. I filed off the symbol as best I could and then covered it with a clear piece from a blister pack. I love the detail on the smoke launchers too, but they are from the old Scout biker kit and are also no longer available.

I decided it was time to get some guitar string to use in conversions, I saw the look on many Forgeworld turrets, and finally made the trek to my local music store. One US dollar gave me plenty of “cabling” for future scratch building fun. It’s easy to work with, though you need a strong wire cutter; not a problem for me. I like the look it adds, and will use it on large model conversions in the future. I’m thinking of buying a smaller gauge wire for use on drop troop and similar conversions.

One other feature I like about this conversion is the wider turret. This was done using the demolisher turret bits. I had to make the turret wider so the wide Baal Predator bit would fit, but like the look enough that I’m considering making it standard on my future Russes. Since these bits are also not sold separately, I’ll need to learn to make a mold and use resin, so don’t count on anything real soon with this idea.

The hatch and commander are magnetized and removable which I did to a couple of my Russes for ease of transport. There is also a small magnet on the targetter box on the left side of the turret, which is for a HK missile (shown in the top picture). The WIP shots don’t have it, but there is an antenna mount at the rear of the turret, also magnetized for adding improved comms if desired.


  1. Mate, that looks fantastic!

    I particularly like the widening and how you've arranged the mantlet. I'm a big fan of cabling too, though I tend to use electrical wires for want of a guitar!

    Did you catch my chimera (wyvern) annihilator variant, perchance?

    - Drax.

  2. Thanks Drax. I haven't built a chimera in a while, but the next one will look similar to your wyvern. I love the conversion, and the idea of it having multiple uses with just a quick change of turret.

  3. That is a great conversion - my hat is off to you, sir! Keep up the great work!

    Drax's Wyvern variant is a great conversion too, after shamelessly appropriating his design I build two for my command squads, and I'm planning on doing at least four more to replace my troop's transports - it's just a great looking tank!

  4. great stuff on this blog, i look forward to those veeran models you spoke about in your comment over at my blog.
    Craig @ cadian8th