Friday, July 9, 2010

More Grey Knights

Since I posted about a Nemesis Force Weapon Scratch Build, I've seen some posts about converting AoBR Termies into Grey Knight Termies. Now I'm not ready for that conversion yet, but I did have a regular Grey Knight in power armor that needed a NFW. In my earlier scratch build post, I started with a force halberd pole and handguard, and only needed the blade. With this figure, I was missing the whole arm. I figured if you can convert a CC arm from a regular Terminator to a GK Terminator, I should be able to do it for a regular Grey Knight. I just followed other examples of this type of conversion, like USABOB's over on Astronomicon. Here is my finished result.

Simple assembly, using the following parts:
Metal Grey Knight body on 25mm base;
One Space Wolf Hammer (regular, not Terminator);
Straight pin (you can see the pin head at the halberd base);
Space Marine shoulder pad;
Plastic tube;
Space Wolf Terminator Sword (I would have used a SM Scout combat knife, if I'd had one).

Speaking of Grey Knight Terminators, here's a WIP of a squad I'm currently working on. I usually primer my figures in white or light grey, but these came to me primered black. Rather than strip 'em, I decided to try the ol' Citadel how-to painting technique. These will be painted in the standard Grey Knight scheme found in the Daemon Hunters Codex. So far, I've got the Boltgun Metal layer on all, and one has a layer of CeramCoat Metalic Silver (from Michaels, a local craft store). After I took the picture, I coated the other four figs with the CeramCoat Silver.


  1. I did a good few aobr termies to GK, and a normal box of CC termies too.

    Someone pointed me at USAbob's stuff on B&C afterward, and I posted my tutorial there as well as on my blog.

    IT's quite easy to pull of, so don't be afraid, get stuc in. I also did a squad of PAGK's from the normal marine kits.

  2. @Karitas: Thanks. I've started collecting parts for an AoBR to GK Termie conversion, have got that post of yours marked for later use. I've enjoyed reading your blog. It's given me a few ideas for future projects.

  3. Are those resin bases? Do you secure your minis to the base before you lay down any sand or dirt? Looking very good!

  4. Although there are many fine products out there, I've yet to try my hand at resin bases.
    I first glue my minis to their bases with a spacer made from a small piece of plasticard. I picked up the spacing idea from one of Ron Saikowski's tutorial about it. For these minis, I've used coarse and fine sand (picked up from a local sandbox or beach) and some stones from a GW basing kit. On the base with the lighter silver termie, I experimented with cut-up sprue bits to raise the left foot a bit.
    While these Terminators were already primed, the bases were not. I mixed some VMC black ink with white Gesso and coated the base (including the sides, if you want to know the color the mix made). I then washed the top with VMC smokey ink thinned with a Future floor wax wash mix. The bases will get a drybrushing when I'm done painting the mini.