Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lurking Lictor

This Lictor's been lurking in my to do stash for some time now, long ago posed and ready for it's turn at the Paint Pot. My youngest son's used him for a game or two, and has asked me each time to at least glue the head on. So, I did one better and finished him up too.

No real conversion work here, except for the base. I wanted him to stand a bit taller, and to look out instead of down, so we decided to have him walking up a rock. We also played with the idea of magnitizing its claw so it could sometimes hold an enemy for effect, but decided against that. Maybe some other time...

This is the standard paint job for our hordes; black primer, Shadow Grey, Snake Bite Leather and Purple Ink in the fleshy bits. Every time I use the Snake Bite Leather for the back plate on a Tyranid, I decide it's much too long and tedious a process for a whole army, given my time schedule. But we really like the look. Maybe those with the brown markings will be the tyranid equivalent of veterans. I just can't see myself painting that on the whole army. Unless I can find a way to speed the process, the Gaunts may have to hit the table without it.

Also, this is the first large rock I've based and painted to a decent level. This was created and added to the base before I learned a few tricks about rock bases. I made it using wall spackle. I'd probably use a chunk or two of wood mulch if I were doing it today. Still, it looks much better than the small hill we made for the Carnifex. Again, I found many hints about painting bases and stones through the various communities. They were a great help.